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Losing someone we love is one of the hardest things we have to face in life.  Loss casts a long shadow, and planning a funeral within it can feel like a very heavy burden.  In those moments of grief, having someone guide you with compassion and respect can make a world of difference.

I'm Stuart – when you entrust me as your Funeral Celebrant, I'll become your partner in crafting a ceremony that truly reflects the loved one you've lost.  Together we will create a ceremony that will be remembered as a unique experience, shaped entirely by your memories and the essence of their life.


If I Should Go

If I should go before the rest of you

Break not a flower, nor inscribe a stone

Nor, when I'm gone, speak in a Sunday voice

But be the usual selves that I have known

Weep if you must, parting is hell

But life goes on, so sing as well.

-  Joyce Grenfell

As a professionally trained Funeral Celebrant, I will create for you a ceremony that is truly personal and meaningful to you and your loved one. I will listen to your wishes and preferences, and work with you to craft a ceremony that reflects the personality and values of the person you are honouring.

Every funeral is different because every person is unique. I will meet with you to discuss all the details of the ceremony and make sure you are happy with everything.  It's your story, and you have complete control over how it's told. You'll receive a full draft of the ceremony beforehand, and once the ceremony is over, you'll keep a copy of the words to cherish forever.

I am dedicated to supporting each family I work with and respecting their personal traditions and beliefs. Losing someone you love is never easy, but together, we can create a meaningful moment of remembrance that truly celebrates their life.

The role of a Funeral Celebrant, sometimes referred to as a Civil Celebrant, is to create and deliver a ceremony to remember, honour and celebrate the life of those who have passed on.

Working closely with the client, they construct a completely personal and unique funeral, tailored to their wishes and the memories of their loved one.

While some may choose to include religious elements in the ceremony, others prefer an entirely secular approach, and that's perfectly fine too.

Whatever the wishes, the Celebrant ensures the ceremony reflects the personality and spirit of the loved one being remembered.

What is a Funeral Celebrant


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A personalised ceremony conducted by a qualified funeral celebrant. The ceremony is tailored to reflect the unique life and passions of the individual, providing a space for family and friends to gather, share memories, and find closure.

Civil Funeral Ceremony

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Capture the essence of your loved one in a heartfelt eulogy crafted by an experienced funeral celebrant. Delving into their life story, capturing their essence, values, and impact on those they left behind. Your eulogy will be a cherished keepsake, honoring their legacy.

Eulogy Writing

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Memorial Ceremony

Honor your loved one's memory at a memorial service, a personalised event to celebrate their life and contributions. Creating a ceremony that reflects their unique personality and the impact they had on those they knew and loved.

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Ashes Scattering

Provide a fitting final farewell with a meaningful ceremony to scatter or inter your loved one's ashes. 

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Tribute Video

A beautiful video slideshow crafted from photographic memories set to the music of your choice.

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Stuart was born in the 1960s and has lived around Bolton and Wigan all his life. Now a grandfather with three grownup children, he enjoys following football (some highs and quite a few lows over the years) and has a passion for music (still owning a reasonable collection of vinyl assembled mostly in the ‘80s). Would like to be a better photographer than he is, enjoys making short video films and has recently took up drone flying.

A long (40+ years) career in engineering and energy, Stuart has held various senior management and director roles - leading successful teams and businesses with all the challenges this brings. He likes to travel and is looking forward to exploring more of the World when the opportunity allows.

"My role as a celebrant is not about me, but about you. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you, get to know you, and have the privilege of helping to create your unique ceremony."

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