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Day's Ending

Kathleen Gillum

I look towards the silent hills
At closing of the day,
As vaporous veils of silver mist
Descend upon the bay.
Through moving clouds, the pearly moon
Shines from a distant place,
Reflecting in the water's depths
Her opalescent face.
The flowers close their petalled cups,
The wind is just a sigh,
A lonesome bird on homeward flight
Lets out a plaintive cry.
Trees stand out in silhouette
Against the fading light,
As dusk gives way to evening shadows,
Merging into night.
Everything seems hushed and still,
Bathed in afterglow.
Then one by one, the stars appear,
And gaze on earth below.
A time to quietly reflect,
To meditate or pray,
As calming peace steals on my soul,
And daylight slips away.

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